Friday, November 20, 2009

"It's a major award!"

For years, I have loved the leg lamp on "A Christmas Story" and wanted to sport it in my living room window. Well, this is the year! We won the major award! "FRAGILE" it must be Italian!

For years

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Hunnibees Knees

Most of you know that I have always loved being crafty. Mom and I have been making home decor and kid's stuff for a while now and recently opened an etsy store for kids stuff, called 
The Hunnibees Knees at
Eventually, we hope to have a home decor store as well. Everything in the store now are things I made a while ago. We will be adding more things as I get adjusted to the mommy thing! I hope you like what you see! 

Monday, November 9, 2009

My heart is melted!

I know all my blogs are about Ella, but she is my life right now. She melts my heart! There is no love greater (except for God's love for us)!  She is becoming so fun and I love to hear her coos and see her smile. My inner child is definitely coming out. I will make any face imaginable to make her smile! I will even sing to her (Kim)! 
Grandma, she's wearing the hat that you knitted and looks adorable in it!
Having some, not so fun, tummy time to strengthen those neck muscles
Those big eyes melt my heart!
Sweet smile!
I love watching her sleep. She is so beautiful to me! 

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Our little Ladybug

Our little Ladybug didn't like her Halloween costume too much. You can see that in the pic of her and daddy. We went to visit daddy at the fire station on Halloween. Then we decided to make her a pumpkin and she didn't like that too much either. I think our neighbors thought we were torturing our baby! When I look at these pictures, I realize how big she is getting. She now smiles, focuses on faces, and follows objects with her eyes. Before we know it, she'll be crawling =(