Thursday, February 25, 2010

I haven't posted in awhile because I've been on a little technology hiatus. I know technology is supposed to make our lives easier, but I feel that it makes life more complicated sometimes.  You begin to feel bound to your cell phone, computer, TV, and iphone...  you know what I mean? It feels freeing to not feel obligated to "be connected". Anyway, I hope that didn't come across harshly. That is just my little soap box for the month! 

Our lives have been good this month. We have had a good month of birthday celebrations and family time. We enjoyed our weekend of good weather. I can't wait for spring to get Ella out strolling and swinging at the park! 
I have had fun making Ella's clothes! It is dangerous having a girl! I could go crazy=)
Ella is sitting up by herself now!

Enjoying the neighborhood park. Ella didn't know what to think of the swings!  I think her stomach was in her throat the whole time=)

We started cereal last week and she isn't too thrilled about it. Can you tell by her face?!

Monday, February 1, 2010

The big 30!

I threw a surprise 30 b-day party for Chris this weekend at a cabin in Blue Ridge. Chris has never had a surprise party and I figured what better time than his 3oth! He thought the 2 of us were going to celebrate our first night away since Ella was born. He was in for a treat...the Hewatts, the Capes, and the Geairns were there to surprise him. We had a great time with some great friends! Although, it was a little stressful getting everyone up there in the winter storm (of all weekends)! We all got there and back safely... and have great memories to cherish...

30 candles...where's the fire extinguisher?

They lost in a game of pool...and had to put their butts in the snow for 30 still act like boys..even when they are 30!


I get a little carried away with the camera sometimes. I used to love taking pictures of nature and old buildings, but now I have a new subject... poor Ella! It's so funny too b/c when the camera comes out she gets serious! Normally, she is smiley baby.  Ella is doing great... 90 th percentile for her height and weight (15 lb. 8 oz. and 25 3/4 in. tall)... continues to sleep through the night (7 pm to 8 am) lucky am I! She is fascinated with Derby, our cat...can't take her eyes off him if he's in the room. She eats her feet and constantly kicks her feet (I am going to invent socks that stay on babies' feet b/c I have yet to find them). 

Our little puppy dog=)