Saturday, November 26, 2011

My sweet boy is 7 weeks old now! Time is just flying by! He is smiling and starting to put his fists to his mouth. Hayden is the sweetest and best baby ever. He hardly makes a peep and is content just being :) (occasionally gets fussy in the evening, but is content if being held) He is only getting up once at night now and wakes up at 7:30, which is making my life much more enjoyable. The only thing is that he likes to stay up to about 9:30-10pm, which can make for a long evening. There is definitely no "down time" with 2. We no longer have the evenings to relax and recuperate. I am trying to enjoy this baby time though b/c it passes so fast!

Ella is officially in the terrible 2's. Tantrums and pushing the limits! Not to mention, she's a very bossy! I'm already pretty bossy, so I don't think there is room for another one! She tries to tell us to...."stop talking", "be patient", "stop singing" (she doesn't like us to sing along with her songs)..."I will do it" ...She is trying to be so independent and is still not quite big enough, so she gets frustrated. A couple things she has accomplished this week are: putting on her shoes and velcroing them, and getting into the car and her carseat. I am trying to teach her things that will help me out :)

with their cousins on Thanksgiving
Ella loves being with can tell by that smile
she's always kissing on him...too sweet

I hope this turns's video of his 1st smile

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hayden Christopher has arrived :)

Hayden has made his arrival in this world! He is a week old today! He weighed 7# 6 oz. and is 20 1/2 inches long. He is the sweetest thing ever and I am so enjoying cuddling with him. Ella was never a cuddler (from day 1) and so I am really enjoying it. Ella is so sweet with him and calls him "brother". She asks to "pet brother" all the time and is constantly saying that he is so sweet and so cute:) She is stepping up the showing off and dancing and singing! She doesn't want us to forget her:) The worst time is when I am breast feeding. She gets really jealous and wants to be in my lap and has even tried to pull Hayden off of me. So far, she's doing very well with the transition though...Chris and I are too;)

For those who want to hear the birth story... I went to the doctor last Monday and the midwife stripped my membranes (that was a lot of fun) and then I decided to go ahead and go to work (bad idea). I contracted and cramped all day. I left early at 7 pm and once I got home my contractions were happening every 5-6 minutes. I took a bath and drank lots of water hoping they would go away b/c I was exhausted from working...of course they didn't. They were getting stronger and were every 2-3 min by 1030. I called Chris to come home from work.  I started calling my mom to come watch Ella, which took about 45 min to get her on her phone b/c she was asleep. I contracted at home until about 2 am and then decided to go to the hospital. Once I got there, I was 4-5 cm dilated and decided to get my epidural. I got epidural at about 4 am and the midwife broke my water at about 5 am and then I was able to rest some before I delivered. I was exhausted since I had been up since 7 am. I started to feel some pressure around 8 am. I was 10 cm at about 8:30 and pushed 20 min and delivered at 8:59 am. I had an awesome epidural and my nurses were great! My friends Brittany and Lindsey took care of me and did a great job! I sure am glad that is over though!! Now we can enjoy Mr. Hayden!

I love these pictures of Ella with Hayden...they are so sweet! 
That looks like trouble

so sweet!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hayden Christopher will be here soon!!

It's the countdown to Hayden Christopher's arrival!  My induction date is next Wednesday, October 5th if I don't deliver by then. It is just 2 days before my due date, but the midwife and doctor that I love are going out of town on my due date! Bummer. I am not thrilled about being induced, but since it's my 2nd baby (and not #1) I feel okay about it. 

I think I'm ready:/ Bags are packed and the nursery is semi-done. I have this long "to-do" list that is never-ending and as soon as I check something off it, something else is added. All the important things are done...just not things like clean all the windows and baseboards and paint the scuff marks on the walls:) 

Chris and I took some pregnancy pictures ourselves. The 2nd baby just gets the short end of the stick. We are too poor now for the real thing;) Ella got these great pregnancy pictures from a professional and Hayden gets Daddy's talent :) Here's a couple shots...

I finally finished sewing Hayden's crib bedding and curtains. The walls are still a little bare, but that is in working progress. We used the same furniture from Ella and kept the room painted green. The theme is Route 66 and it's too cute! More pics to come when room is completely done...hopefully in next couple days. I really want to find an old gas station sign to go above the crib. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Birthday girl

Ella's 2nd birthday party was today at the park. We had a good time and good weather. A nice breeze from hurricane Irene. It was Barney themed, since that's her all time favorite show. She loved all the attention and she kept saying "Ella excited" b/c most of her favorite people were all in one place. I think she was a little confused by that and overwhelmed by all the attention. She couldn't quite get why she couldn't play with all her toys when she opened them and why they had to stay in the box :) It was great to see her enjoy this day so much. I can't believe she's already a year older :( 

Nonny with Ella

Papa with Ella

Her aunts...whom she adores
sneaking into the cupcake frosting

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ella's big girl room and fun in the mountains

We made the big move this week! Ella is officially in her big girl bed. I was so nervous b/c of all the horror stories friends have been telling me about the bed transition. I might be eating my words later, but she has given us no problems yet. She hasn't cried or gotten out of bed one time. I watch her on the video monitor when she wakes up in the morning and she just sits there calling my name. I think she's scared to get down by herself. The bed is pretty high (maybe that helps?). 

We have enjoyed the last couple weekends in the mountains. It has been so nice to get away and enjoy the lake and Georgia Mountain Fair. Ella loves the boat and the lake! On our way up there this weekend, she kept saying "Ella is excited". There is nothing prettier than Lake Chatuge! 
Ella with her 2nd cousins, Katie and Cody, whom she adores

Ella and her "Nonny", Chris' mom (she couldn't say Grammy)
Fair time! We had a good time watching Ella on all the rides, but I will say that the fair is super expensive these days!
Chris had as much fun as Ella! 

Ella's new room. We painted it and I made the bedding and dust ruffle. It is so girly and fun!