Saturday, November 26, 2011

My sweet boy is 7 weeks old now! Time is just flying by! He is smiling and starting to put his fists to his mouth. Hayden is the sweetest and best baby ever. He hardly makes a peep and is content just being :) (occasionally gets fussy in the evening, but is content if being held) He is only getting up once at night now and wakes up at 7:30, which is making my life much more enjoyable. The only thing is that he likes to stay up to about 9:30-10pm, which can make for a long evening. There is definitely no "down time" with 2. We no longer have the evenings to relax and recuperate. I am trying to enjoy this baby time though b/c it passes so fast!

Ella is officially in the terrible 2's. Tantrums and pushing the limits! Not to mention, she's a very bossy! I'm already pretty bossy, so I don't think there is room for another one! She tries to tell us to...."stop talking", "be patient", "stop singing" (she doesn't like us to sing along with her songs)..."I will do it" ...She is trying to be so independent and is still not quite big enough, so she gets frustrated. A couple things she has accomplished this week are: putting on her shoes and velcroing them, and getting into the car and her carseat. I am trying to teach her things that will help me out :)

with their cousins on Thanksgiving
Ella loves being with can tell by that smile
she's always kissing on him...too sweet

I hope this turns's video of his 1st smile


Amie Kirk said...

So precious! Hayden is getting so big! I am glad he is such a good baby. God knew you couldn't handle a tantrum throwing 2 year old and a fussy baby at the same time:). This too shall pass... at least that what everyone keeps telling me. LOL!

Kimberly said...

Aw, this post makes me miss them, just because I'm not with them this moment!! =) A few days feels like a long time. =)
I love the video. I am NOT happy, however, that Chris is still saying Logan. ;)