Saturday, August 27, 2011

Birthday girl

Ella's 2nd birthday party was today at the park. We had a good time and good weather. A nice breeze from hurricane Irene. It was Barney themed, since that's her all time favorite show. She loved all the attention and she kept saying "Ella excited" b/c most of her favorite people were all in one place. I think she was a little confused by that and overwhelmed by all the attention. She couldn't quite get why she couldn't play with all her toys when she opened them and why they had to stay in the box :) It was great to see her enjoy this day so much. I can't believe she's already a year older :( 

Nonny with Ella

Papa with Ella

Her aunts...whom she adores
sneaking into the cupcake frosting

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ella's big girl room and fun in the mountains

We made the big move this week! Ella is officially in her big girl bed. I was so nervous b/c of all the horror stories friends have been telling me about the bed transition. I might be eating my words later, but she has given us no problems yet. She hasn't cried or gotten out of bed one time. I watch her on the video monitor when she wakes up in the morning and she just sits there calling my name. I think she's scared to get down by herself. The bed is pretty high (maybe that helps?). 

We have enjoyed the last couple weekends in the mountains. It has been so nice to get away and enjoy the lake and Georgia Mountain Fair. Ella loves the boat and the lake! On our way up there this weekend, she kept saying "Ella is excited". There is nothing prettier than Lake Chatuge! 
Ella with her 2nd cousins, Katie and Cody, whom she adores

Ella and her "Nonny", Chris' mom (she couldn't say Grammy)
Fair time! We had a good time watching Ella on all the rides, but I will say that the fair is super expensive these days!
Chris had as much fun as Ella! 

Ella's new room. We painted it and I made the bedding and dust ruffle. It is so girly and fun!