Saturday, August 27, 2011

Birthday girl

Ella's 2nd birthday party was today at the park. We had a good time and good weather. A nice breeze from hurricane Irene. It was Barney themed, since that's her all time favorite show. She loved all the attention and she kept saying "Ella excited" b/c most of her favorite people were all in one place. I think she was a little confused by that and overwhelmed by all the attention. She couldn't quite get why she couldn't play with all her toys when she opened them and why they had to stay in the box :) It was great to see her enjoy this day so much. I can't believe she's already a year older :( 

Nonny with Ella

Papa with Ella

Her aunts...whom she adores
sneaking into the cupcake frosting

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Kimberly said...

She was perfect! Smiles and adorability. =) I hated that she couldn't play with those toys, but she handled it very well. My favorite part was us singing HB to her, and she looked around in wonderment. =)