Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hayden Christopher has arrived :)

Hayden has made his arrival in this world! He is a week old today! He weighed 7# 6 oz. and is 20 1/2 inches long. He is the sweetest thing ever and I am so enjoying cuddling with him. Ella was never a cuddler (from day 1) and so I am really enjoying it. Ella is so sweet with him and calls him "brother". She asks to "pet brother" all the time and is constantly saying that he is so sweet and so cute:) She is stepping up the showing off and dancing and singing! She doesn't want us to forget her:) The worst time is when I am breast feeding. She gets really jealous and wants to be in my lap and has even tried to pull Hayden off of me. So far, she's doing very well with the transition though...Chris and I are too;)

For those who want to hear the birth story... I went to the doctor last Monday and the midwife stripped my membranes (that was a lot of fun) and then I decided to go ahead and go to work (bad idea). I contracted and cramped all day. I left early at 7 pm and once I got home my contractions were happening every 5-6 minutes. I took a bath and drank lots of water hoping they would go away b/c I was exhausted from working...of course they didn't. They were getting stronger and were every 2-3 min by 1030. I called Chris to come home from work.  I started calling my mom to come watch Ella, which took about 45 min to get her on her phone b/c she was asleep. I contracted at home until about 2 am and then decided to go to the hospital. Once I got there, I was 4-5 cm dilated and decided to get my epidural. I got epidural at about 4 am and the midwife broke my water at about 5 am and then I was able to rest some before I delivered. I was exhausted since I had been up since 7 am. I started to feel some pressure around 8 am. I was 10 cm at about 8:30 and pushed 20 min and delivered at 8:59 am. I had an awesome epidural and my nurses were great! My friends Brittany and Lindsey took care of me and did a great job! I sure am glad that is over though!! Now we can enjoy Mr. Hayden!

I love these pictures of Ella with Hayden...they are so sweet! 
That looks like trouble

so sweet!!