Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Baby Shower Time!

It's already baby shower time! I am so blessed to have such good family and friends that have offered to throw baby showers for me. So far, we have had 2 showers. Chris's mom, Brenda, gave us a shower 2 weeks ago for his family. She got out Chris's old stroller and we had a good laugh at the difference in the 1980 stroller vs. the 2009 version! 

A few friends (Kim, Amie, and Jessica) threw me a shower this past weekend at my house. We had a really good time, especially with the toilet paper/plunger game! Below is my mom and Stella, Chris' stepmom, trying to put the plunger in the toilet paper hole! It might be a little inappropriate for a baby shower, but it sure was funny!