Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Last minute trip to Folly Beach

Last week, Ella and I decided to meet my parents at Folly Beach near Charleston. It was our first road trip by ourselves. She slept almost the whole way there (5 hours)! Although, it was quite difficult when we stopped for gas and bathroom break, with a baby in one arm and a diaper bag and purse in the other! The beach and family time were well worth the drive though. We had perfect weather and a great time. We took a carriage ride in Charleston, played on the beach, ate some good seafood, celebrated Catherine's b-day, and Ella ate some sand! 

The family + Taylor Beck

It doesn't get any sweeter than that! 

One tired girl!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ella update

I can't believe that my Ella is 9 months old!! Time flies. She is more fun everyday! It's amazing how much personality she has already. She has decided that she is a big girl now and doesn't like baby food. She prefers whatever we are eating and must eat if we're eating. She grunts until we give her a bite. She also gave up nursing and is now on formula. I was sad for about a day and then I realized it was freedom!! It was crazy how she hit 8 months and decided to do everything at once. Her newest accomplishments are crawling, pulling up, walking around things while holding on, standing by herself (for about 30 seconds), playing peek-a-boo, eating finger foods...I can now rock her and she will lay her head on my shoulder! She's never been a cuddly baby so I'm cherishing it! 

She loves bath time! She's a prune by the time she get out.

I know bath time is over when she starts sucking her thumb!
Showing off her new shoes that her NeNe (her grandma in Kentucky) made her
The poor cat is constantly being chased and layed on

she's making her "scrunchy" face where she puckers her nose and mouth up...too funny!