Friday, January 23, 2009

Life, as we know it, is about to change!!

Yeah!! Chris and I are expecting our first baby! It is so surreal, yet so exciting. We are due August 27th. Yes, it is going to be a long hot summer! I am so glad we just got a new heating/air system in our house. Last summer, it decided not to work with the 95 degree temperatures. I am 9 weeks now and feeling quite lethargic. The past few weeks have been filled with nausea, irritability, exhaustion, emotions...poor Chris! He is looking for things to do outside in the cold weather! He is planting bulbs in the yard as I write. He asked if I will be like this for 9 months. I laughed and said wait until July! Our 1st ultrasound was this past Wednesday and we got to see the heartbeat. Of course, I got teary eyed because it was a sigh of relief. I had a great fear that there wouldn't be a heartbeat. When the baby jumped on the ultrasound, Chris got teary eyed and couldn't believe that it actually moved. I told him that it is a human being and they do move! Well, we are super excited and  please keep us in your prayers during these next months.