Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What's new in Ella's world...

Once again, I haven't blogged in awhile. What's been happening?... We've been so busy with work, holidays, traveling, and my etsy business. We took a trip to North Carolina to see my grandparents. They got to meet Ella for the 1st time and we had a wonderful trip. I always love going to visit them. Ella slept pretty much the whole 7 hours there and back! I have such a good baby =) Ella sleeps through the night most nights. She can now turn over from her front to back. You can no longer leave her on the bed alone! Although, she hates being on her stomach so she starts screaming the second she rolls over! We had the pacifier battle and we officially have a thumb sucker now. She sucks her thumb when she is tired or falling asleep. So cute! Or course, Chris got to see her do both of those things 1st and failed to mention them to me until after I saw them for myself. He didn't realize that they were milestones to be written in the baby book! Here are some pics...
Ella with great-grandparents, Grandma and Pop
taking a sink bath at Grandma and Pop's house
thumb sucker
She loves being naked
  She loves stinking her tongue out and it cracks us up!
 The more we laugh, the longer she does it!