Saturday, July 10, 2010

Introducing "The Swagger Wagon"

I am so excited about our new boat, "The Swagger Wagon"!! It is a 30 foot party boat! Really, it is totally a family boat, so we couldn't help but give it such a cool name. We bought it last week and are super excited and can't wait to enjoy the next few summers on it (hopefully). 
It will be something the whole family will enjoy! Although, Ella is still getting used to her huge lifejacket! It is the law for her to have it on at all times, and the poor thing can't even move with it on. You should see her try to crawl! Here she is...
The Swagger Wagon
Ella and Grammy
Ella loves her cousin, Katie!
going for a swim
Ella and I spend it at the Braves game with my family. Daddy had to work=(

Atlanta skyline was so pretty!

Papa turned her into a Braves fan with her new onsie!

Ladies of Liberty!

I had to add this pic of her giving her teddy a hug (she's just learned to give loves)...Sweet