Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My week

Chris and I had a horrible kayaking experience this past week. It was supposed to be a 3 hr trip and ended up being 6 1/2 hrs (and we never did finish) b/c Chris didn't realize how low the river was! It was so low that we pulled ourselves (in our kayaks) the majority of the way through the rocks. At one point, I got so frustrated that I slammed my ore down on my kayak and popped my shoulder out of socket!  It started to get dark and cold...I couldn't feel my feet...Chris' cell died when he dropped it in the water...Chris's mom was waiting on us at the end...but we didn't know how far the end was... it was 3 hours past the time she was supposed to pick us up...we got out and walked (dripping wet and cold) to an old lady's house. She drove us to meet his mom (in the mean time, she calls the police and his whole family). They were all waiting on us, with tears, when we got there! I told Chris that it will be a long time before I kayak again (if I ever do)! We laugh now, but that night there were a few harsh words! 

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Josh and Donna said...

i am speechless! speechless. this could only happen to one of us and i am kind of glad it was you.