Sunday, May 23, 2010

Strawberry Fields Forever

Kim, Amie, and I thought it would be fun to go strawberry picking at Washington Farms!  We failed to think about how much work it would be with a 8 month old and a 18 month old! My back is sore today from carrying Ella, my camera, and the strawberry bucket through the strawberry fields while bending over and picking strawberries =)  You truly do grow another set of arms when you become a mother! I shouldn't make it sound like all work, because it truly was a lot of fun. Ella was so cute eating the strawberries afterward. She shoved as many in her mouth as she could...she was afraid I'd take the bucket away! 

Loving the strawberries

Liam is all boy...playing in the dirt...eating rocks...eating rotten strawberries off the can see the dirt and strawberry juice mixture on his funny! 

Liam thought Ella's strawberries look better!

You know it was a rough day when you fall asleep in the sitting position!


Josh and Donna said...

i LOVE her sleeping shot! so funny!

Kimberly said...

Such sweet pictures!!! I had so much fun with y'all! And I love her sleeping picture!! =)