Monday, April 25, 2011

Family fun in Kentucky

Our family spent a long weekend in Kentucky visiting my dad and lots of family. It's always good to see family. Wish we lived closer. 

We celebrated Easter with my dad's family at my grandma's house
A few of my cousins Margaret, Katherine, McCabe and Margaret's fiance' Thomas
Daddy and Ella egg hunting

Ella with her the girl cousins
Ella at Papaw's house (my dad's farm)...she looks so big hanging onto the fence
She is pointing at all the horses...she was so excited
My grandparents (mom's parents) celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary
...isn't Nanny cute in her veil!!
4 generations
All of their offspring...minus my 2 brothers
Ella just walked up and hugged Ginger without any prompting...we laughed so hard
Maybe Elizabeth will be the next to wear the veil!!


Amie Kirk said...

Sweet pictures! Ella does look like such a big girl. We need to get together again soon. Maybe some strawberry picking?!

Kimberly said...

Awww... such great pictures. Good times.
Why weren't your brothers there?